SELINA GALKA - Songwriter, Musician

I am a songwriter and musician based in Graz, Austria. Coming from a classical background (guitar), attending music high school and studying musicology, I decided to invest my time in actually creating music.

Currently I am playing with my band OXYJANE (where I am mainly responsible for the songwriting), Interstellar Bungalow and Viosphere.

As a result of my management activities within OXYJANE (such as creating artworks or developing music video concepts), my interests expanded to other art genres. So I enjoy analog photography as a hobby and paint abstract acrylic paintings on canvases.


28.02.2024 Interstellar Bungalow @ Postgarage (Graz, AT)

01.03.2024 Interstellar Bungalow @ Vinyl Bar (Linz, AT)

02.03.2024 Interstellar Bungalow @ ez az (Komarno, Slovakia)

22.03.2024 Interstellar Bungalow @ wakuum (Graz, AT)

22.03.2024 OXYJANE @ wakuum (Graz, AT)

24.03.2024 Interstellar Bungalow @ Flucc (Wien, AT)

26.04.2024 OXYJANE in Frankfurt (DE)

18.05.2024 OXYJANE @ Musichouse (Graz, AT)

06.06.2024 Viosphere @ club wakuum (Graz, AT)

21.06.2024 OXYJANE @ ez az (Komarno)

29.06.2024 Interstellar Bungalow @ Time out Festival (Pöllau, AT)

06.07.2024 Viosphere @ Musichouse (Graz, AT)

29.07.2024 OXYJANE @ Vinyl Bar (Linz, AT))

23.11.2024 OXYJANE @ Freiraum (St. Pölten, AT)


30.12.2023 Interstellar Bungalow @ Silweety (Vienna, AT) - cancelled

27.10.2023 OXYJANE @ Club Wakuum (Graz, AT)

24.10.2023 OXYJANE @ Venster99 (Vienna, AT)

26.08.2023 Interstellar Bungalow @ Sissy Sounds Record Store (AT)

25.08.2023 Interstellar Bungalow @ somewhere in Graz (AT)

05.08.2023 Interstellar Bungalow @ Container25 Sommerfest (Wolfsberg, AT)

15.07.2023 Interstellar Bungalow - Private Place

14.07.2023 OXYJANE @ Edelsgarben Fest (AT)

30.06.2023 Interstellar Bungalow @ Orpheum Graz

22.06.2023 Viosphere @ Musichouse (Graz, AT)

06.05.2023 OXYJANE @ Lendwirbel (Graz, AT)

19.04.2023 OXYJANE @ Radiokulturhaus (Wien, AT) – Numavi Records Label Night w/ Red Gaze and The Zew

24.02.2023 OXYJANE @ Musichouse (Graz, AT) w/ Echolight and K.Cit

18.02.2023 OXYJANE @ Rhiz (Wien, AT) w/ Echolight

04.02.2023 OXYJANE @ Triebwerk (Wiener Neustadt, AT) w/ Echolight and Frachild





Hello hello, XO! Time is racing by and there were some releases in between. In February, we released „Do I wanna take care of my heart just once“ with Interstellar Bungalow, a short, but tasty Indie-Pop-Rock-Song. The process from the idea, to the recording and the release went rather fast, since we were also under pressure due to outer circumstances. I wrote the lyrics in early summer 2024, Thomas added the very nice drums and Matteo the intriguing solo guitar lines. Thomas edited the video out of free footage from heat surgeries, which turned out pretty nice.

The single was the teaser for our album „HELIX“ which also came out in February. We went on a short mini tour (my first one!), which was very fun and adult, lol. Enough sleep and orange-ingwer shots in the morning were on the program; and it was over too soon.

Also OXYJANE did not sleep - we released the second single of our upcoming album, „ADDICTED“. The song means a lot to us, we always have so much fun playing it. We had some nice ideas in the studio, with making the intro more robotic and adding the claps in the middle part. Sadly I lost the footage, but we were standing in a circle and clapping the pattern many many times. Also the video is special - I had an empty flat for some time because I moved, and I still had to pay, so the idea, to shot a music video there, was very close. We met there and choreographed the plot, since we wanted it to be a one shot mainly. We borrowed some very fancy lights and our friend Stefan K. Heider behind the camera and shot it on one afternoon. I was always fascinated by black light and uv colours, to we also incorporated this within the clapping part. We had no idea about would we would do in the end, lol, then we did our favourite standard move: dancing twice as fast to the song while filming in slow motion. Lukas edited the video and we are SO happy with it.


On writing

S h a p e

I woke up and remembered that I started to write about personal stuff here. As I was thinking about the next blog post, the words in my head already took shape, but I also noticed that they took a different shape, as they would have, if I would have decided to not make it public. Already by thinking about it, the things I would have wanted to say were influenced by imaginary readers.

R e a d e r s

It’s similar to writing diaries. Are you, or were you free, when you did? - Now I am even speaking to you, imaginary reader. I wonder who writes diaries unintentionally. When I was a kid, I had a pretty Sailor Moon Diary with a lock; it was too pretty, to write just random thoughts in it. So I always waited until I thought I had something important to say, and I wanted to put it in the right words - this ended in very few diary entries, as you can probably imagine. Maybe someone tends also to write down only stuff, which they would like to see about them, leaving out ugly stuff, or uncomfortable things.

F o r m s

Now that I am an adult, I encountered similar situations. I collect my thoughts on different devices, and I like how each one of them invites me to a different way of thinking and a special form of writing. Again, I have a beautiful notebook, which was a gift from a friend. I tried to write pretty in there for a long time and I only saved important stuff, which made me feel restricted. So, I dinged out a very ugly school notebook from the 2000s. This one invites me to flow, to just write down what comes to my mind, also in ugly forms. It's not nice to look at, but it’s raw and authentic. When I am on the laptop, sometimes I create documents in the cloud. Somehow, these are the most lost; I don’t tend to look at them again. The notes on my phone are mainly influenced by situations and take the form of lists. I go through them maybe every month, but I like how they are direct responses to my environment and how they remind me of happenings and people.


EASY from OXYJANE has been released via Numavi Records today. Here is the video:

It is quite simple, but what can be better than super-slow-motion? Lukas and I filmed it in the cold Feburary winter days, and it warmed our hearts (haha, cheesy). The video actually features me dancing and shuffling to the Party Rock Anthem. My very good friend Stefan K. Heider made the sweet cuts.

Single releases are like little birthdays, and this song is probably the most dreamy and poppy song we have released so far. Initially, I wanted it to have a very shoegaze vibe, and that is how we play it live. However, I also like the 'reduced' instrumentals in this recording. I mean, there is a lot happening in the background anyway—added to the basic instrumentals, there are synths, an omnichord, a mellotron (thanks to Lukas Maier), and probably some other stuff I've already forgotten. I wrote it back in winter 2021, so quite exactly two years ago.

Now that the days are starting to get colder and darker again, I will probably (hopefully!) go on a hibernation vacation and deep dive into songwriting again. There is also a lot going on these days, so there is plenty that could be told... and a lot of inspirational music is blaring through my speakers, like the goddess Caroline Polachek. I really fell in love with her otherwordly voice technique and the sparkling songwriting.

You can listen to it here.


New OXYJANE Single will be out on 20th of October! The new single transports you to a dreamy world filled with shimmering soundscapes that create a mesmerizing pull. It sparkles, and one is tempted, filled with longing, feeling freshly in love; however, the light-hearted song is only half as sugary as it sounds.



It's the first single from our second studio album, which will be released in spring 2024. We recorded the music with Tom Zwanzger in S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio in Puntigam (Graz), which is a very unique space. The studio is built in a huge hall and features stone brick walls, lots of vintage lamps, comfy couches, and a punk spirit. On the track, we used an "Omnichord," which is said to have been made popular by the band Arcade Fire. Shooting the music video was hella fun; you can watch it soon!